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Noob: Five Nights with Herobrine

Noob: Five Nights with Herobrine

Noob: Five Nights with Herobrine is a bright and addictive game that is sure to appeal to fans of FNAF and Minecraft. Discover the secrets of Herobrine’s own building and survive 5 nights without falling into the hands of the creepy master.

How to play Noob: Five Nights with Herobrine game

The player plays the role of a security guard in an empty room. At night, extremely scary things begin to happen. The former owner Herobrine wanders through the rooms and labyrinths of corridors and tries to scare the people in the building as much as possible. Watch surveillance video and try to survive the night.

It is important to save electricity, because the lack of charge will make it impossible to defend against an attacker.
A specific, eerie sound indicates the approach of the enemy. In order not to catch Herobrin, you should use the flash of the camera when he approaches. Watch the cameras, as soon as the attacker appears in the field of view, click on the camera and continue the game.

On the screen you can track how much time has passed, as well as what night follows. Pay attention to the energy indicator, which is displayed in the form of a battery and a percentage value.

In each situation, the character is in a different room and in a different position. Be careful not to miss the approach of the enemy. Avoid meeting Herobrine’s ghost and don’t give in to fear.

If you don’t have time to click the camera, get ready to test your stability and endurance. Herobrine will come close and will not be able to do without a creepy screamer.