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Geometry Dash Horror

Geometry Dash Horror

Geometry Dash Horror is a challenge game in which a cube travels through an eerie underworld. Control the game element and pass obstacles in a terrifying environment.

How to play Geometry Dash Horror

The game is simple and does not require significant skills. The player’s task is to guide the cube through the obstacles.

The cube moves through a terrifying dungeon where obstacles appear on the way. To overcome the barriers, you should jump over them. To do this, you can click on the space bar or click the mouse button or press the button with the letter W. On the location, you should jump over sharp peaks that destroy the cube. And as a punishment, a creepy and terrifying face of a monster from the other world appears on the screen.

The further the player goes, the more difficult the track becomes. The cube should not only move in a straight line, but also jump over the peaks and land on safe platforms.

Go through all levels from beginner to master and improve your skills. Avoid all the traps and complete the entire track to unlock the next level and get the title. The player has an infinite number of attempts. Although all attempts are numbered and the participant can track their progress.

The participant will find a creepy design, exciting game geometry and interesting tasks where you need to demonstrate the speed of reaction and logic.