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Noob vs FNAF

Noob vs FNAF

Noob vs FNAF is a great horror game that combines the story of the FNAF saga and Minecraft. Noob is too busy these days to face off against creepy animatronics. Those will like the game. Who likes to play together. Choose the mode for two players and enjoy interesting characters and tasks.

How to play Noob vs FNAF game

At the beginning of the game, choose the mode and difficulty level. You can play for one or two players. The game has three levels of difficulty: easy, standard and hard. The player has several characters to choose from.

Choose an animatronic and go to the location selection. The developers have provided 6 maps available for this game. The game can take place in one of the following rooms: Hospital, FNAF 1 or FNAF 2, Among Us, Huggy, and Backstage.

In single-player mode, the participant must withstand the onslaught of animatronics. To play together, you need to cooperate with the second player and fight against the attackers together. To control the characters, use the arrows or the keys with the letters WASD, as well as L and H for shooting.

Move through the selected locations, control the maps and survive in every fight with the enemy. Build defenses and weapons to repel enemies. Additionally, monitor the level of health. As soon as the animatronics manage to deal damage, the amount of the resource will decrease. The level of health has dropped to zero – the participant has lost and the game must be started from the beginning.

There is a timer on the screen until the next fight. While moving around the map, collect weapons, additional health.
Explore locations and enjoy face-to-face gameplay with your favorite FNAF characters.