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FNAF Horror at Home

FNAF Horror at Home

FNAF Horror at Home is a great horror game based on the popular horror game FNAF. Scare the kids and get rewards.

How to play FNAF Horror at Home game

The player plays the role of Freddy bear, who was bought in a children’s toy store. As soon as the animatronic enters the house, it should scare the children.

The goal of the game is to scare the smallest children as possible. The task is complicated, because parents are nearby. It is necessary to scare the little one so that adults do not notice. As soon as the father or mother sees the scary grimaces of the bear, it will immediately fly into the trash.

Game Levels

The game has several levels. To go to the next level, you should scare the child well. To do this, follow the scale that records fright. In advance, the level of horror fills a small scale. And only then does the division appear in a large block.

There are three levels in the game: in the first, you need to scare the boy and not fall under the stern gaze of his father; in the second, the mother watches over the girl and Freddie. The third level is the most difficult, because Freddy’s task is to scare two children at the same time, who are being watched by both parents.


Use two modes of horror. The yellow button makes it easy to scare children and minimize the risk of being seen. But this method minimally fills the battery of fear. While pressing the red button, the character terrifies children as much as possible. But in this case, there is a greater chance that his parents will notice him and throw him out of the house into the trash.

Be careful and as inconspicuous as possible for adults. From time to time, they are distracted by their favorite activities: reading a newspaper, drinking coffee, talking on the phone. Choose a moment when the parents are not watching and scare the children. Their return is signaled by a sound notification and a red exclamation mark above the character.

To fill out the scale, the participant has a certain time limit. Watch the timer and don’t waste time if you want to make it to the next level.