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Bear Haven Nights

Bear Haven Nights

Bear Haven Nights is a horror game in which you need to solve all the problems of the motel and not pay with your life. Repair systems, restore power and be careful, because there are evil animatronics roaming around.

How to play Bear Haven Nights game

The player takes on the role of an electrician in an abandoned motel. Use the tips of the previous employee. They will appear on the phone screen in the form of SMS messages.

The player is in the staff room and can follow the room map. Get ready to solve real quests and puzzles to win.
On the map, the room in which the malfunction occurred will be highlighted in red. Leave the office and go to the desired room. To do this, it is enough to click on the door. The participant will be in the yard. Click on the arrows to go to the desired number.

Breakdowns await the player in each room: restoration of the power panel, repair of lighting devices, and more. Look for the breakdown using a flashlight and go to the sleep task.

If there is danger. The player can turn off the light and hide in the dark. To view the room, it is enough to swipe on the screen or touchpad. Avoid the killer bears, who are hidden in a secret room and are just waiting for the night to attack their next victim.
In the office in front of the electrician there is a map of the location of the rooms. Look for the necessary room and go to it to repair malfunctions.

The player has to deal with all the challenges during the night shift. To pass the level, you should fix everything before 6 in the morning.