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FNAF 6 is a popular game in the horror genre that attracts more and more people. A spooky story, original characters with different qualities and characteristics await participants in the sixth part of the FNAF game. Survive five nights in an empty, abandoned pizzeria with creepy characters and win the game. Get rid of your childhood fears and train endurance and resilience.

How to play FNAF 6 game

The player takes on the role of a pizzeria security guard who has to guard the premises during the night shift. But during this period, animtaronic dolls come to life and try to destroy him.

There are video surveillance cameras and two doors in the office. Click on the cameras and watch the creepy creatures. At the beginning of the game, they are placed in the outermost room, where they are left at night. But in the dark, terrible events happen to them: the souls of the murdered children come to life and control creepy dolls. Gradually, the animatronics begin to move towards the security guard’s office to destroy him.

The player will be attacked by huge animatronic dolls from the back room of the pizzeria: Freddy the bear, Chicka the duck, Bonnie the rabbit, as well as the creepy Foxy.

Use the cameras to a minimum, because the equipment that is turned on quickly depletes the battery charge.

When attackers approach the room, use the door for protection. To do this, it is enough to click on the red button next to the door that needs to be closed. It is not necessary to close both entrances, because this quickly reduces the level of the charge reserve.

Once the charge is exhausted, the player will lose the ability to track animatronics, as well as close doors when they approach.

On the screen, you can track the level of electricity, as well as the time that the player has already worked at the creepy pizzeria.

The new version of the game impresses with a scary and tense atmosphere, creepy animatronics and unexpected sound and video effects. The game is not recommended for children, as well as for people with certain features of the nervous system.