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Friday Night Funkin’ vs FNaF 1

Friday Night Funkin’ vs FNaF 1

Friday Night Funkin’ vs FNaF 1 is a new game that combines music and creepy animatronics. Show your talent and engage in a duel.

How to play Friday Night Funkin’ vs FNaF 1

The player is confronted by the Boyfriend and his girlfriend, who visited Freddy’s terrible pizzeria for a quick bite.

In the dark, they wander around the room and end up on stage, where they are forced to engage in a battle with one of the animatronics. The main goal of the game is to repeat the melody that sounds on the stage. To do this, you should copy the elements that appear on the screen.

To play, use the arrow keys on the keyboard. As soon as you manage to get into the notes, the arrow flashes in the corresponding color. The fewer mistakes one manages to make, the longer the player can resist the opponent.

Game Characters

The game time is limited by the timer, which is displayed as a scale at the top of the screen. In the game, all the characters from the popular FNAF game are waiting for you: Chikka, Bonnie, Springtrap, Freddy.

The player has the opportunity to choose the level of difficulty. The speed of playback of a musical piece depends on the selected mode.

During the game, the results will be displayed on the screen, namely the number of mistakes and missed notes, the number of points scored and the overall rating. At the end of the played round, the participant gets access to the general statistics. As soon as the player gives in to the animatronic and he does a better job of playing the melody, get ready for terrible horror and a creepy screamer. Terrible robots will rush at the character.

The list includes about 20 different melodies, which can be adjusted in complexity. Accept the challenge from the scary animatronics and don’t let them take your life. Follow the rhythm of the melody and play until the end of the song. Despite the fear and creepy location, show your style.