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FNAF Bartender

FNAF Bartender

FNAF Bartender is a game with a famous FNAF animatronic character who will meet you at the bar. Help Freddy create the perfect drink for the most demanding customers.

How to play FNAF Bartender game

The player is at the bar and helps the bartender create drinks. Freddy the bear from the famous cargo game plays the role of the bartender. The creepy character is located behind the counter and will follow all the player’s instructions.

There are three shelves with various substances on the wall. The selection is really extraordinary, so you will have to think about the perfect mix. You can choose really explosive drinks from the list:

  • rusty lemonade;
  • electric strip;
  • android ale;
  • motor oil;
  • capacitor and others.

All ingredients are placed in large containers and old, rusty dispensers. Choose any ingredient and pour, mix and serve when the drink is ready.

Explosive cocktail for Freddy

When the selection of ingredients is done, prepare the mixture. To do this, use the appropriate levers under the rack. The three elements are responsible for different actions. First, you should press the first lever to pour the liquid. When all the necessary components are selected, activate the lever with the “Mix” command. When the mixture is ready for consumption, turn on the third lever and serve the drink to the customer.

Freddy consumes the drink himself. Watch the reaction of the animatronic, because the infernal drink will make it simply burn, freeze, or simply crumble into dust.

Mix the maximum number of drinks to get a high score and get closer to victory. Do not make mistakes, because this will lead to a loss.
Text messages-instructions are always displayed on the counter, which help to take the next action. At the end of the game, the participant will be able to receive feedback about the drink and points for its creation.

Accept the challenge and mix the perfect drinks for Freddy and show off your own bartending skills.