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FNAF: Sister Location Night 2

FNAF: Sister Location Night 2

FNAF: Sister Location Night 2 is a horror game, a continuation of an already traditional story. Work all nights and don’t lose a life.

How to play FNAF: Sister Location Night 2 game

The player’s task is to survive the whole night and resist the scary animatronics that are trying to break into the office. Throughout the night, the participant can hear hints and tips from previous guards. Listen to the information, but it is important not to fall into a trap.

There is no time limit in the game. The character can move not only in the office, but also in three other rooms of Freddy’s pizzeria building.

Game characters

The main character is visited by Bidibab, Fantime Freddy, as well as Balora. Be careful when crossing her gallery. After all, the robot doll is only there and attacks endlessly as soon as it hears the slightest noise.

Bidibab attacks in the dark when the electricity goes out, and even when the character hides under a table. The doll even tries to lift the metal guard, through which you can see her mad gaze. Freddy does not leave the shield room and can harm the guard only in this room if he is allowed to approach.


To control the character, use the mouse buttons or the arrow keys on the keyboard. Move around the premises, listen to the sounds that warn of approaching danger. Try not to make too much noise, because the animatronics will immediately come to take your life.

It is important to survive all night and fall into the hands of robotic creatures that seek to absorb another life.

Each new level is perceived as a new game due to the differences in the gameplay, it will definitely not be boring. In order to get a chance to complete the bonus game, it is important to survive all nights and avoid the creepy animatronics.