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Five Fights at Freddy’s

Five Fights at Freddy’s

Five Fights at Freddy’s is a horror game in the duel genre for fans of FNAF characters. Which of your favorite animatronics will win the battle. Choose a character to control and last five nights in the ring without missing a blow from the opponent.

How to play Five Fights at Freddy’s

The game takes place in the ring. At the beginning of a duel, the player must choose a character to control. The list of animatronic fighters from all parts of the FNAF horror saga. Choose Freddy or Bonnie, Foxy or Balora, Chikka or Springtrap. Attention all characters with the most terrible abilities and qualities. Win five battles in a row and win the game.

Each night a new opponent awaits the player. In each subsequent night shift, it will be more difficult to deal with the enemy. Practice your skill and dexterity and make as many accurate shots as possible. In order to apply techniques in the ring, use the arrow keys or the WASD letter keys. Click the buttons and strike or create a defense and block the enemy’s blows.

The result of the battle can be tracked on a scale that shows the state of both players. As soon as the value reaches the end, the character is lost and the game is lost. In addition to the scale, changes in the player’s appearance are also reported about the defeat.