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FNAF Battle

FNAF Battle

FNAF Battle is a dynamic, exciting battle game. Choose a character and engage in a duel. It’s time to determine which of the FNAF characters is the strongest.

FNAF Battle Rules

In the ring, two characters – animatronics from Freddy’s pizzeria – meet in a duel. The player has the opportunity to choose a robotic doll to control. Each of them has certain abilities. Each of the arenas has its own characteristics.


The player uses the keyboard keys to perform a series of punches:

â€ĸ WASD;
â€ĸ arrow buttons up, down, left, right.

Choose the best option to strike, jump and block the enemy’s blows, defend yourself. Use the abilities of individual characters, apply additional techniques and perform combo attacks.

The object of the game is to land enough hits to incapacitate your opponent. The one who defeats the enemy first wins.


The list of characters includes all the heroes from the FNAF cargo game:

â€ĸ Freddy is a balanced character with good characteristics;
â€ĸ Chika – differs in the range of blows, strength and stability;
â€ĸ Foxy – characterized by dexterity and speed of strikes, has a high level of maneuverability;
â€ĸ Bonnie is an aggressive character who is able to perform combo attacks at maximum speed.
â€ĸ Golden Freddy is a great choice for those who have already built a game strategy, has enough abilities.

In addition to small arenas, the game also provides much larger locations. Some obstacles in the battle ring can be used to block the attacker and provide additional protection. Do not forget that there may be dangerous elements around that harm the player.

In addition to defeating the opponent, there are additional tasks, such as covering a distance or collecting additional tokens.

On the screen, you can track the status of the characters in the arena. Follow the scale of life. After each targeted hit, the runner will move.