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FNAF: Bizarre Custom Night

FNAF: Bizarre Custom Night

FNAF: Bizarre Custom Night is a horror game for those who love Freddy’s Pizzeria characters.

How to play FNAF: Bizarre Custom Night

A security guard is wanted for the warehouse, who will guard the materials during the night shift, so that the goods are not stolen by thieves or a fire occurs due to faulty electricity. But in reality, the guards are waiting for scary events.

At the beginning of the game, the participant can choose characters. The list includes: Foxy, Freddy, Chikka, Balun Boy and others. Hover over the animatronics and get additional information about the creatures and possible ways to counter them. The image of the selected character will become colored.

In addition, the option of choosing a more difficult or easier level is available, for this click on the left and right arrow keys. The R button allows you to choose a random difficulty option, and the T key opens access to the trophy menu.
Get ready to experience truly terrifying nights and try to survive until morning. Real tests await the player at each change. It will be creepy and scary.

Already on the first night, a power failure awaits the player. The generator allows you to get light only for a certain period several times a night. The lack of electricity makes it difficult to observe the animatronics, which begin to move in the direction of the guard. The player must wander through the labyrinths of the room, armed only with a flashlight.

Watch the robotic dolls and use hints to fight them. The smallest details will come in handy.
The game provides unexpected flashes, screamers and creepy sound effects. It will be scary, so get together and demonstrate.