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PG Coloring FNAF

PG Coloring FNAF

PG Coloring FNAF is a coloring game for everyone who admires the characters of the horror saga. Color and create your own design of the characters of the famous horror story.

How to play PG Coloring FNAF game

The player’s task is to choose a coloring from the available list and paint over it. There are 75 characters available in the lists. Among the heroes of Freddy’s pizzeria, you can find Foxy, Springtrap, Bonnie, Blora, Bon-Bon, Chika, Freddy Fazbear, Balun-boy, Minirin and other characters from all parts of the saga.

All images are made in black and white. The player has the opportunity to give them colors, using either the original colors for the saga, or show an individual approach and create your own design.

For coloring, the option of colored pencils or filling with paint is available. Choose the tool you like and paint the characters. To do this, you should choose the thickness of the pencil using the corresponding plus or minus buttons.

In the corner of the screen there is a square of the color that the player will paint. To change it, click on the square and choose the next one from the palette. To draw, click on the image, hold down the button and move the mouse or touchpad.

The process of painting with paint is simpler. It is enough to choose a color and click on the segment that needs to be painted. The selected area will be filled with a certain color.

Create your own drawings, choose colors and color the characters of the “Five Nights at Freddy’s” saga. It will be bright and not scary at all.