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FNF: Glamrock Freddy and Gregory

FNF: Glamrock Freddy and Gregory

FNF: Glamrock Freddy and Gregory is a bright rhythm game that combines the most popular categories. Play with your favorite characters from the FNAF horror game and play Squid Game tunes.

How to play FNF: Glamrock Freddy and Gregory game

The game takes place in the form of a battle. The characters must demonstrate a perfect skill in playing melodies and rhythms from popular games.

On the playing field, Gregory and the FNAF characters meet in battle. Meet Freddy Fazbear the bear, Bonnie the rabbit, Chicka the chicken and other creepy animatronic dolls that are the famous residents of Freddy’s Pizza Delivery.

Each round has a certain duration. The player must stand and play the melody as accurately as possible within 1 minute and 45 seconds. In the upper corner there are arrows that alternately light up to the rhythm of the song. The player’s task is to reproduce the sound as clearly as possible. To do this, click on the arrow keys in the appropriate order. Optionally, you can use the WASD keys.

Track the result of the confrontation on the scale at the bottom of the screen. The winner gradually begins to occupy the enemy’s territory. As soon as the opposite edge is reached, the game is won.

In addition, you can familiarize yourself with the detailed results of the confrontation. Below the scale is the number of misses, account status and percentage of successful moves.

At the beginning of the game, the participant can choose the mode and difficulty level. Choose easy, normal or hard level for advanced players. In addition, you can choose a training mode.

Play your notes by following the arrow signs at the top of the screen until the game is over. Do not miss notes and do not make mistakes and victory is yours.