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FNF FNAF Test is a musical game that combines Friday Night Funkin and the horror game Five Nights at Freddy’s. Choose your favorite characters to play with and show your sense of rhythm and musical talents. Play the tunes and win every battle.

How to play FNF FNAF Test game

The player has the opportunity to listen to famous hits from the FNAF horror saga. Choose a character to perform and create your own compositions. The player can choose from the list any animatronic that is ready to perform the melody. Characters available include Crying Boy, Freddy Fazbear, Foxy, Springtrap, Balora, Bonnie, Bon-Bon and others. Each of the dolls has a creepy and scary look that will make you feel fear and tension.

The player can choose any character and sing a song of their choice. There are arrows on the screen. Click on them and get the corresponding sound. After clicking, the corresponding arrow will be highlighted in color. Notes and sounds will change depending on the selected character. Test and create your own song for the animatronic that will represent it.

In fact, the game FNF FNAF Test opens up the opportunity to see the creepy animatronics in a different role. They don’t try to kill or attack, and they don’t scare, and there’s no battle where you have to oversing Boyfriend. The FNF stage is completely theirs and they may be the stars of the night.