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FNAF Night at The Dentist

FNAF Night at The Dentist

FNAF Night at The Dentist is an interesting entertainment for fans of the FNAF horror game. It’s time to try yourself as a dentist and treat the teeth of characters from Freddy’s pizzeria. Conduct an inspection and restore the initial state of the bear and other characters.

How to play FNAF Night at The Dentist game

The appointment at the dentist is divided into three stages. The player performs an examination and treatment of the character’s teeth. Of course, it will be quite scary. And suddenly the jaws click? Fight rust and damaged canines.

At the preliminary stage, you should inspect and disperse the insects and remove the web that founded the mouth cavity of the animatronic. Spray the insects and destroy them. When all the uninvited bugs are destroyed, proceed to inspect the wounds. Click on the screen and sew up the gaps. When the seams are applied, they should be treated with a special means for nutrition.

Hand and pulsing visual cues appear on the screen. Select tools and inspect for foreign objects. Collect the metal elements on the tray.
In the second stage of the game, the teeth that have been lost should be repaired. Choose the optimal size and type of tooth from the available options and fix it with gel.

Teeth that are damaged by caries should be filled. Go to the next stage and prepare the filling mixture.

Last level

The last level of the game involves cleaning the teeth and polishing them. To perform this task, a special grinding machine and gel are provided. Click on the necessary items and clean the jaws. Move the tool in the indicated direction and enjoy the cleaning result. Additional metal elements should be lubricated with grease. When everything is done, the client can be free.
Get ready to become an animatronic dentist. It will be interesting and scary.