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Anime Five nights at Freddy’s is one of the most popular games based on the famous horror game. The special feature will not be classic animatronics, but beautiful anime girls in robotic doll costumes. The location remains the same – the action takes place in a pizzeria.

How to play Anime Five Nights at Freddy’s

The main task of the hero is to survive all levels and survive without falling into the hands of anime characters. Watch the cameras on the monitor. Track the movements of girls in bright costumes and with magnificent forms.

The updated design of the game attracts attention. Posters with anime girls and rules of conduct for the player are placed in the halls. The images will not leave you indifferent and attract attention during the game. Among the characters, traditional FNAF games await the participant:

• Freddy the bear;
• Bunny Bonnie;
• Chick Chika;
• Foxy Foxy.

A scheme of cameras and the location where the hero is located are displayed on the screen. The player can alternately switch cameras to find and locate anime beauties. Track dangerous characters and close the door in time so that they do not sneak into the office.

In total, the player must endure five nights for six hours. The task is complicated by the fact that the participant loses energy. The charge decreases as quickly as possible when the player opens the monitors and also keeps the door closed.

The charge level is displayed in the form of percentages on the screen, as well as marks in the corner of the screen. As soon as the supply of electricity runs out, it means the game is over. Anime ladies in rather spicy costumes will get to the character. But even here surprises await. The player will not be scared by screamers and frantic screams of terror. Instead, you can enjoy pleasant videos and passionate exclamations.

From the first time, the participant will not be able to resist the attractive anime dolls that will make their way into the security guard’s office. Study the characters’ movements, follow them through the cameras and choose the right ways to rescue them. It is important to correctly determine the time when you need to close the door or ventilation holes in time. The doll near the door helps to identify the backlight.

Go through five levels and win in the unusual, spicy game Anime Five nights at Freddy’s.

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