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FNAF vs Among Us

FNAF vs Among Us

FNAF vs Among Us is an exciting game for fans of the characters and history of the FNAF series. Follow the labyrinths of the room and do not fall into the traps of Among Us creatures.

How to play FNAF vs Among Us

The player takes the position of an employee in an amusement park. His duties include surveillance of the territory at night. The shift lasts from 12 midnight to 6 am. The player has to last several nights in a row and not fall into the hands of strange creatures that appear at night and try to get to the guard’s room and kill him.

In the player’s use of the surveillance system. Click on the symbols in the form of inverted triangles and watch the images from the surveillance cameras. Track the Traitor’s movements and activate defenses as needed.

In addition, the player must ensure the correct operation of the functioning systems. As soon as an overload occurs, a red light starts flashing in the room with a characteristic sound effect. To restore operation, click on the second triangle and adjust the operation of the system that failed. The list includes reset of cameras, sound, scanning system, temperature mode.

As soon as the enemies approach the security room, close the door and illuminate the corridor. To do this, use the button near the door. When the entrance closes, the button will glow green.

Scary situations, creepy sounds and screamers await in the game. Test your logic, build a strategy and survive the night unscathed.