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FNF VS FNAF Security Breach: Daycare Deathtrap

FNF VS FNAF Security Breach: Daycare Deathtrap

FNF VS FNAF Security Breach: Daycare Deathtrap is a horror game in which you need to enter into a musical battle with creepy dolls.

How to play FNF VS FNAF Security Breach: Daycare Deathtrap

Choose a song and challenge the animatronics. The player’s task is to play the song as accurately as possible and win each level.

Choose a game mode at the beginning of the game: play through all levels or choose a song and get ready to meet your opponent.

Also you can play original Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach game!

Among the animatronics, the main character will meet new characters: San (Sun), Moon (Moon), Springtrap, Robot Assistant, DJ and others. Go on stage and get ready for the battle. There are arrows above each character. As soon as colored arrows start to appear on the screen, click on the corresponding keys and try to reproduce the sequence as accurately as possible.

The duration of the battle is indicated on the timer at the top of the screen. It is important for the player to hold out for the specified time and not give up their position.

The progress of the battle can be tracked at the bottom of the scale. The opponents’ images start from the center and move on top of each other, moving the opponent from the center. As soon as one of the participants manages to reach the opposite side, the game is over.

At the bottom of the screen is a counter for the total number of points received, the number of misses and errors, and the corresponding skill level.
Click the keys as accurately and quickly as possible and set your own record in each game. Enjoy the dynamic gameplay and soundtracks from the famous game.