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FNAF: Slenderman Madhouse Horror Story

FNAF: Slenderman Madhouse Horror Story

Slenderman Madhouse Horror Story is a game for fans of the horror genre. Go explore the creepy corridors of Slenderman’s madhouse. This character is known to fans of the FNAF game series. Discover the locations of the game and pass all the obstacles in the game.

How to play FNAF: Slenderman Madhouse Horror Story game

The player controls the main character who wanders through the labyrinths of a scary asylum. In the dark corridors, the player is being watched by the patients of the institution. Arm yourself and repel the attackers. Use your wits, logic and develop your own strategy for survival.

The player has to solve the puzzles in the game to move forward and open new locations of the psychiatric clinic. There are many useful items on the territory that will help the player recover and survive at each stage of the game. In every corridor and dark room, the faceless Slenderman, who craves blood, waits for the character. Use improvised means of protection and fight off the creepy monster. A shovel or even a hammer will do for this task.

Destroy all monsters that attack at every step, use improvised means that will definitely come in handy. To control, use the mouse or a combination of keys on the WASD keyboard and others.

The game is characterized not only by horrors, fears and nightmares, but also extremely interesting puzzles. To win, you should look at the environment as carefully as possible, find the necessary artifacts and avoid traps.

The graphics and soundtrack, which creates particularly disturbing forebodings, add to the eerie atmosphere. The developers have created an extremely intense and exciting game that will not let go until the last moment.