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FNF vs FNAF 2 is a music game with your favorite characters from the creepy game. Freddy’s pizzeria was once again visited by Boyfriend and his pretty companion from Friday Night Funkin.

Scary dolls are waiting for them in the empty premises of the institution. This time there is no need to track them in surveillance cameras. It is time to meet in battle on the stage of the pizzeria.

How to play FNF vs FNAF 2 game

The goal of the game is to play the melody and repeat all the notes as accurately as possible. It is important not to make mistakes. At the beginning of the game, the participant has the opportunity to choose the level of difficulty: easy, normal and difficult. The speed of the melody and the complexity of the piece of music depend on the selected option. A list of songs available for selection is displayed on the screen. About 20 music tracks are listed in the list. Choose your favorite and try to reproduce it as accurately as possible in a duel.

Follow the notes and arrows and click on the required symbol in time. Show the best result in each round and beat back the animatronics. The robot doll does not make mistakes, so you will have to try hard.

The result of the battle is displayed on the scale at the bottom of the screen. Play the melody to the last note and receive rewards from the list depending on the results of the musical confrontation.

Game characters

In the pizzeria, Freddy the bear, creepy Foxy, Chicka the chicken, Springtrap, and Bonnie the bunny are waiting for the guests. Enjoy your favorite characters from the horror game to the accompaniment of familiar tunes.