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UCN Jumpscare Simulator

UCN Jumpscare Simulator

UCN Jumpscare Simulator is a new horror game that will test your nervous system and resistance to stress. Prepare to face your fears head-on.

Do not ignore warnings about bright flashes, screamers and other features of the game, as well as age restrictions.

How to play UCN Jumpscare Simulator

In front of the player is a complete list of animatronics. Each of them has a certain list of characteristics and features. If you want to hear each of them and see their reaction, click on the image.

To win the game, click as fast as possible outside the FNAF robot doll. If the player does not have time to react, the game ends and the player loses a life. Start from the beginning and engage in confrontation with other characters.

The player has the ability to adjust some parameters.
Edit screamer voices. Each of the creepy creatures in FNAF makes terrifying noises and screams after jumping to scare the hero. Adjust the volume in advance. After all, sudden screamers can scare even the most resistant.

Game modes

In the “Slow Screamer” option, there is a game mode for beginners. Having chosen this option, the participant has the opportunity to slowly review the entire game and react to a dangerous situation in time.

Click the “Turn off music” button if you are not ready to listen to creepy and mysterious sounds. This choice will allow you to refuse additional special effects.


The list includes all characters that were involved in all levels. There are creepy Freddy, Chicka, Bonnie, Fox, mysterious Phone Guy, Ball Boy, Marionette, scary Springtrap, Plushtrap, JJ and others. Learn more about the characters and meet new animatronics in UCN Jumpscare Simulator.