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Scary Toys: The Revenge

Scary Toys: The Revenge

Scary Toys: The Revenge is a new game that allows you to enjoy the story of the creepy saga “Five Nights at Freddy’s”. The characters will be presented on the screen, everyone can know them for the tension, suspense and horror that they have caused in all previous FNAF games. Release the tension and destroy the scary and creepy animatronics.

How to play Scary Toys: The Revenge game

The participant’s task is to robotically destroy the doll that will be presented on the screen. Retribution for all the horrors awaits Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie and Chika. Bonnie will get hers first. The big hare is completely at the disposal of the player. It can be thrown, moved around the location and destroyed. In order to neutralize the rabbit Bonnie and other animatronics, use weapons. At the beginning of the game, the player has only 50 coins. The amount will increase when the player receives a reward for destroyed dolls.

Coins can be spent in the weapon shop and purchase equipment. Sometimes you can find the strangest weapons here. For the first 50 coins, the player can get a pencil. Click on the touchpad screen and poke Bonnie with pencils until her health drops to zero. You can track it on the red scale with a heart.

Once the creepy animatronic is successfully destroyed, the participant will receive a monetary reward. Use the money to buy the next weapon. The list includes pencils, buttons, syringes, stars, a circular disc, a spear, as well as available varieties of bombs and firearms.
Track how much health and lives the animatronic has and how much money the player has to buy new weapons.

Each animatronic has five lives. As soon as you manage to destroy one, you have the opportunity to compete with another. Each successive animatronic is stronger and more powerful, so it takes more effort to destroy it and win the game.