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Five Nights At Gumball

Five Nights At Gumball

Five Nights At Gumball is a game that became a synthesis of the popular horror story FNAF and the cartoon from Nickelodeon The Amazing World of Gumball. The hunt for players begins at Elmore High School. Beware of the animatronics who have already gone in search of a victim.

How to play Five Nights At Gumball game

The player’s task is to survive five nights in the premises of the educational institution in the role of a guard. At night, animatronics move around the school premises. Do not let them into the office. To do this, use security cameras and track characters.

To be used in the game, it is not enough just to follow the cameras. Protect yourself by closing yourself in the office.
Use electricity sparingly. The state of charge can be monitored on the scale. Particularly active consumption of electricity occurs when the player uses surveillance cameras and closes and opens doors.

As the robot dolls approach, they make a corresponding noise. Listen and react in time to the animatronics by closing the office door. Their movements and noise will avoid meeting. It is important not to panic in order not to make mistakes in the game and survive all five nights at school.

Game characters

Once the robotic doll reaches the office, the player will be scared of the screamer and the game will be lost. Characters from the cartoon The Amazing World of Gumball act as animatronics.

The main character has the appearance of a blue cat with a smile. At the same time, he is the most terrifying and aggressive character who suddenly attacks players.

Darwin is a goldfish – nimble and deftly crawls through any holes. This character is particularly aggressive in the game.
Anais, the sister of the previous two characters, is a scary creature that constantly scares the player by unexpectedly appearing at locations.

Five Nights At Gumball is a creepy game for fans of Freddy’s pizzeria horror and fans of the cartoon and its characters. Test your courage and endurance and have fun and an adrenaline rush.