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Five Nights at Baldi’s

Five Nights at Baldi’s

Five Nights at Baldi’s is a disturbing horror game for fans of the FNAF story. Get ready for spooky events and unexpected screamers.

The player finds himself at Baldy’s school.

The task of the game is to survive five nights and cope with the tasks of each shift.

How to play Five Nights at Baldi’s game

The player plays the role of a night watchman. In addition to guarding, he has to perform additional tasks – to find and collect a certain number of artifacts in order to continue on duty the next night. Do not relax, because at every step of the endless corridors of the school, many terrible traps and creepy surprises await the main character.

School principal Baldi follows the hero. A group of students with different abilities and characteristics are chasing after the head of the security guard. Such skills cause anxiety and fear.

Intrusive characters threaten the player and attack unexpectedly in the maze of school corridors. Each of the meetings increases the general tension on the location.

To advance to the next level, which is the night, the participant must solve the puzzles of the game. Solve puzzles, solve tasks and stay safe throughout your night shift.

Collect lanterns, notebooks and other elements of the school environment and receive useful information and additional safety equipment in return. But at the same time, one should not count on their universality.

The creepiness of the game is added by the low resolution of the graphic objects, the unusual design of the game characters, as well as the disturbing audio accompaniment.

Five Nights at Baldi’s is a game that fans of FNAF characters are sure to enjoy. Strategize, solve puzzles and find ways to defend against animatronics.