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FNAF – Animatronic Simulator

FNAF – Animatronic Simulator

FNAF – Animatronic Simulator is one of the updated games that will give additional pleasure to fans of traditional horror stories. Play the game and meet your favorite animatronic characters. The simulator game will allow the participant to try to control and manage the creepy dolls.

Game characters

The game features famous characters from FNAF horror: Freddy the bear, Chicka the chicken, Bonnie the bunny and others. The player receives a monster toy and has the ability to use it. The more rewards the hero gets, the more dolls he can get and control.

The goal of the game is to get to the pizzeria security guard’s office within six hours and kill him. If the goal is not achieved, the guard at dawn leaves his post and runs away. Remember that cameras and lights have a negative effect on animatronics. Catch up with the character, but avoid cameras and flashlights.

Animatronics deplete the character’s electrical charge. To succeed and destroy the guard, you should drain the batteries and deprive him of light. Control in the hands of creepy dolls, if there is darkness around.
If the guard managed to survive and escape, the game is lost.

Enjoy the simulation game and try yourself in the opposite role – the role of an animatronic attacker. The first toy is available for free. Control your chosen character, play as him and create your own game. Use the forward and backward buttons to move the monster and reach the goal.

Having earned money for completed tasks, the participant can purchase other characters. Control all the animatronics and don’t let go of your victim. The amount of the reward depends on the specifics and skill of the completed goals. The participant receives funds for the depletion of the charge, for the minimum time spent on achieving the goal, as well as for the destruction of the guard in the office.

Create your own game and try to control the terrible creatures – animatronics from the famous game FNAF.