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FNAF Shooter

FNAF Shooter

FNAF Shooter is a dynamic shooting game with favorite characters from Freddy’s vintage pizzeria. The place of entertainment is a supermarket at night. Don’t stay shopping after closing time, because scary and creepy animatronics are waiting for you here. Prepare your weapons and enter the battle.

How to play FNAF Shooter game

The player moves through the territory of the supermarket at night. In addition to him, scary robotic dolls roam the location, attacking from everywhere. Use your weapons to get rid of the horrible animatronics.

In the upper corner of the screen, you can view a mini image of the territory from above. As soon as the player approaches the enemy, another red circle will appear there. At first, the animatronics will appear one by one, and then get ready to repel the attack of a whole horde of evil robots.

Weapons and game control

The number of cartridges is limited. Once the player has fired the entire ammo magazine, it will take time to reload the weapon. Take this nuance into account when you get to the den of animatronics.

Use the keyboard and mouse buttons to move around the location and use weapons:

  • right and left mouse buttons – aim and shoot;
  • move the mouse to look around;
  • mouse wheel – change weapon;
  • WASD keys – movements in different directions;
  • W+Shift – run;
  • R, F, T, G – reload, knife attack, throw grenade, inspect weapon.

Game Characters

Among the animatronics that remained in the shopping center are Freddy, Bonnie, Baby, Chikka and other creepy robot dolls.

Depending on the result of the game played, the participant can open a more advanced weapon. Get access to the entire arsenal of weapons and destroy the attackers in the territory of the supermarket.