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FNAF World

FNAF World

FNAF World is a themed game featuring your favorite characters from Freddy’s Spooky Pizzeria. Go through the routes, meet the enemy and repel him. A variety of games await the player. The game was created by fans of the FNAF plot.

How to play FNAF World game

A character moves on the map. On his way he meets strange creatures that attack and fire. The player has support: next to him is a company of animatronics who not only defend themselves, but also fire back at the attacker.

Terrible things happen in Animatronics. Strange exoskeletons attack the familiar inhabitants of FNAF. Chicka, Bonnie, Freddy, Foxy stand up to fight together. Choose the optimal weapon and deal damage to the enemy.

Characters are activated in turn. Each has certain characteristics and abilities. The enemy can be destroyed by launching hot cheese or pizza circles at it, smacking it with Freddy Fazbear’s microphone or snapping Bonnie’s teeth. The damage is done by Chikka’s sweet cakes. Choose a sophisticated way to fight and turn on the devastating music from Bonnie.

Don’t forget to strike back. The enemy is not weak, so he will stand to the death. Each hit takes away strength from the heroes. Track their health status on the scale on the screen. Use music, miracle cupcakes to restore strength.

If all the animatronics are destroyed, it indicates a loss. The player wins when the enemy’s health bar is empty.
For each victory, the participant receives Fazber tokens as a reward. Use coins to improve characters and their abilities.