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FNAF Burgers

FNAF Burgers

Visit the main animatronic Freddy’s burger joint. Play FNAF Burgers and help the creepy character create the perfect burgers. It will not do without strange and extraordinary recipes.

The player has step-by-step instructions on the screen for creating burgers. But don’t expect traditional ingredients. Food from the snack bar is intended for scary robot dolls. Cook the most terrifying burgers and unlock new levels of the game.

How to play FNAF Burgers game

The contestant helps Freddy from the famous FNAF pizzeria to cook burgers. Follow the instructions that appear on the screen and are illuminated by a pulsating light.

Collect and move the ingredients to the work surface. When everything is ready, use the special devices to prepare the creepiest hamburger buns. According to the instructions, it is important to press all buttons and switch levers in the correct sequence. The range of products will surprise everyone:

• Zinc crumb;
• Hydrochloric acid;
• Lubricant and other components.

Assemble the hamburger by pre-preparing the components in the form of gears and other components. Instead of sauce, add oil.

The sequence of ingredients will be displayed on the screen. If a mistake is made and the finished product does not match the image, the game ends. The contestant can use additional attempts to create the scariest product.

The strangest gadgets and devices will help you cut, bake and chop. Click the buttons, turn on the levers and cook according to the strangest recipes in the style of FNAF. The player has to build a new hamburger in each level by completing several stages.

Each dish will have the character of classic creepy animatronics. When the hamburger is assembled, do not forget to pack it in bright packaging. Add fear and horror to the dish and the perfect appetizer is ready.