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FNAF: Sister Location Custom Night

FNAF: Sister Location Custom Night

FNAF: Sister Location Custom Night is a horror game with traditional characters and game rules. Train your stamina and endurance and perfect your skills in facing off against the animatronics.

How to play FNAF: Sister Location Custom Night game

The player chooses characters at the beginning of the game. The list includes the traditional heroes of the FNAF game: Minirin, Foxy, Ballora, Bonnie and others. Get ready to meet them in your office this very night. Numerical symbols appear on the main screen to indicate the strength of the characters.

The player takes on the role of a security guard in a cargo diner. Stay in the security room and watch your surroundings to protect yourself from the attackers.

The player has the ability to track locations using surveillance cameras. Click on the corresponding key and open access to the cameras. Choose the required location and click on the number. As soon as a dangerous creature is found, follow and protect yourself in time.
There are several options for protection in the office. Images of animatronics appear on the screens, indicating that danger is approaching. Close the ventilation hatch in time by clicking twice on the door.

To the left and right are doors through which a creepy robot doll can enter. Watch the characters move around the location and close the door in time. To do this, just click on the red button. As soon as the door is closed, the light will change color to green.
Use the Controlled Shock option on the Minirin to scare them off and limit their damage.

On the screen you can track the time the player was in the office. Save electricity to be able to open the door in time and use video surveillance systems.

If the animatronics get into the office, get ready for a screamer. Train your endurance and courage. It will be scary and interesting.