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FNF VS FNaF 2: Boned

FNF VS FNaF 2: Boned

FNF VS FNaF 2: Boned is an exciting music game that combines the two categories of FNF and FNAF. Get ready for a battle with scary mechanized puppets and demonstrate your ability to play melodies.

How to play FNF VS FNaF 2: Boned

The player’s task is to play the melody as accurately as possible by clicking the keys in the correct order. On the stage, the boyfriend meets one of the creepy FNAF characters of the game.

Have fun and don’t forget that scary animatronics like to scare and attack unexpectedly and suddenly. Get ready for screamers and bright flashes, all set to your favorite music.

Choose the story or game mode of your choice. The participant can choose a tune and get a matching opponent on stage.

The goal of each level is to complete the entire track. Arrows will appear on the screen. Press the appropriate keys to play the melody as accurately as possible. The arrows on the screen should coincide with the keys that the player presses. You can track the result at the bottom of the screen. The figures of the characters in the battle will move on the scale.

The most terrible opponents will appear on the stage: Chicka, Springtrap, Freddy, Bonnie and other animatronics. The player gets points and can set records in each round. Help Boyfriend defeat the representatives of the creepy world of robot dolls who go crazy at night.