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FNAF Ultimate Custom Night

FNAF Ultimate Custom Night

FNAF Ultimate Custom Night is an interesting horror game based on the popular FNAF game. The game is not part of the horror game and is released separately.

The player traditionally takes the post of a guard in an abandoned pizzeria. Closer to midnight, eerie events begin to take place in the abandoned, empty premises of the diner. Animatronic characters come to life and transform from dolls into monstrous creatures and go in search of victims.

How to play FNAF Ultimate Custom Night game

The participant’s task is to last five nights in the guard’s office and not fall into the traps of the animatronics. Surveillance cameras are available for monitoring the player. Click on the button and open the system.

Watch the movement of the characters and do not forget to save the electricity charge, which is available in a limited amount. The balance is indicated by a slider on the appropriate scale of the monitor.

Bonnie, Chicka, Freddy and Foxy move quickly through the maze of corridors. Be proactive and close the door.
The security guard’s office has two doors to the left and right of the player. Click on the red button and close the entrances to block the access of the creepy creature. Use defense mechanisms if the animatronic managed to get into the office.

Set your own pace in FNAF Ultimate Custom Night by choosing the animatronics you’re ready to face off against. Adjust the level of difficulty and gradually improve your skills and mastery of the game.

In addition to the main game, the participant can play mini-games, explore additional secret rooms, open locations and complete new tasks and quests.

The horror game combines strategy and testing the participant’s fears, because if you lose, wait for the screamer. Don’t ignore the warnings about flashes, scary sound effects and screamers in the game.