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FNAF Final Purgatory

FNAF Final Purgatory

FNAF Final Purgatory is a creepy horror game based on the popular FNAF story. Go head-to-head with the animatronics and win every night. Bright flashes of light, creepy and sudden loud sounds and screamers await the player. Test your fear and enjoy the scary game.

How to play FNAF Final Purgatory

Choose the difficulty of the game at the beginning. The number of animatronics and the difficulty of the challenges will depend on the chosen level.

Events take place in the guard’s room where the player is. The player must monitor the level of electricity charge. After all, if the light goes out, it will be impossible to close the door or turn on the light in the corridor near the door.

The player has access to the video surveillance system. Follow the movement and change of location of the animatronics on the cameras. As soon as the attacker appears nearby, close the entrance to the room.

The office has two doors: left and right. To close them, use the red buttons. Only those where danger lurks should be closed. After all, a closed entrance consumes the most electricity. To see if the animatronic is still standing at the entrance, click on the button and turn on the light. The lantern illuminates the creepy doll and the player can make the following decision to avoid danger.

The player must last for five nights. The night shift lasts six hours, starting at midnight. There is a timer on the screen.

The level of electricity is indicated as a percentage. The countdown speeds up if consumption increases: closed doors, watching video cameras, lights on. Excessive consumption is indicated by the scale, which changes its color from green to yellow, and then to red. Such a change demonstrates the limit level of electricity.