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Scary Maze

Scary Maze

Scary Maze is a bright maze of fear for everyone who is ready to test their coordination. The player’s task is to control a small, blue cube.
Guide the game element through the mazes and avoid collisions with the walls. The game requires dexterity and attentiveness. Concentrate on your movements and be as careful and cautious as possible.

How to play Scary Maze

Each subsequent level has a different maze complexity. The paths become narrower, and there will be more and more turns on the way.
As soon as the blue cube touches the wall, a creepy image of monster creatures will appear on the screen. It will be accompanied by a sound effect – a terrifying scream. Screamers will make you nervous and test the stability and strength of the nervous system.
Complex mazes always hide surprises behind each next turn.

To reach the finish line at each stage, you should relax and move the cube smoothly. You can use the mouse or click on the touchpad to control the cube and move it along the path.

Turn on the sound and enjoy interesting routes. While the player moves along the track, he is surrounded by dead silence, as soon as the cube touches the wall, a screamer appears on the screen. Video and sound effects make you nervous. Complete the maximum number of challenges and set your own records.