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Five Nights at the Circus

Five Nights at the Circus

Five Nights at the Circus is a creepy game that will make you feel the tension and suspense when meeting clowns. Become a security guard in the circus and try not to become prey for the evil clowns who come to life every night.

How to play Five Nights at the Circus game

The player plays the role of a night guard in the circus. The main task of the game is to survive for seven nights, each of which is the next level. Tasks will become more difficult and it will be almost impossible to survive until morning. After all, unusual things will happen in the premises at midnight. Scary clowns begin to roam the labyrinths and rooms and look for a victim.

A video surveillance system is located in the security room. Use the cameras to view the locations and follow the movement of the clowns through the circus labyrinths. They can appear in different rooms. As soon as the clowns get close to the guard’s office, use available defense methods.

There are two doors in the room. Close the entrance near which the uninvited guest is. To close the door, click on the red button.
In addition, there is a green button near each door. By clicking on them, the guard can turn on the light in the corridor near the door to keep the clowns in sight and control their approach to the office.

Using cameras, doors and lights consumes the most electricity. Monitor the battery charge level on the screen. When the level drops to zero, it is not possible to use defense systems. Prepare to meet the enemy.

Once the animatronic clowns get to the office, get ready for jerky movements, creepy screams and terrifying sounds.