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Five Nights at Christmas

Five Nights at Christmas

Five Nights at Christmas is a themed game that will surely appeal to fans of the heavy FNAF story. Players are waiting for new locations, Christmas mood and, of course, a spooky story. The combination of such elements is sure to give unparalleled impressions and delight.

How to play Five Nights at Christmas game

The player’s task is to survive the location and remain unscathed for five nights. Unlike a traditional game, the action takes place in a forest cabin, where the main character is being hunted by a scary snowman.

Do not forget that the creepy creature will try not only to break and break into the building, but also to catch you in the yard. Be prepared for a toothy snowman to unexpectedly appear behind you. Once you hear the growl and see the monster, it’s game over.
Hints appear on the screen from time to time. In order not to lose a view of the room, close the windows and doors of the basement in time. If you don’t close the windows in time, the viewing window shrinks and becomes foggy.

Find a flashlight and shine in the dark to detect the monster in advance. Illuminate your way to move safely indoors and outdoors. The light of the flashlight scares and drives away the snowman monster.

Game control

Use the WASD keys to control the monster. Move around the room and beyond to complete the game’s tasks. The E key allows you to perform actions and interact with objects, for example, close windows, take a key, find a lantern. To turn the light on and off, click on the key labeled F.

Move around the house and find new artifacts that you can use to withstand the confrontation with the creepy character.

Each night has more and more difficult tasks, and it is also more and more difficult for the player to withstand the onslaught of the creepy snowman, who is trying to break into the building and destroy it. Also, every new night hides more and more scary stories and screamers. Ready to look the insurer in the eye? Then open the game and show resilience and courage.