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FNAF 8 is a new page of the famous spooky saga. Now the player will have to discover new secrets of the famous pizzeria, look for clues to survive in the confrontation with the animatronics. The game provides updated settings, an unpredictable plot and dynamic game mechanics.

How to play FNAF 8 game

The player finds himself in a ruined Pizzaplex. Players are surrounded by twisted pieces of metal, fused elements of the location, exposed pieces of electrical wiring. But at the same time, an opportunity awaits you to discover the reasons for the death of animatronics, which, despite everything, are still dangerous for the player.

A new group of animatronics hides a distorted past and is also ready to reveal their creepy abilities to the player.

The task of the game is to survive five nights in a game where unusual puzzles await you. Unravel the scary secrets of the animatronics and find a way out of creepy locations. Pay attention to audio messages, use visual and audio clues and try to gain control of the animatronic systems.

Game characters

FNAF 8 features a series of mini-games where the player must withstand an onslaught of animatronics. The traditional robotic dolls of Freddy, Bonnie, Chicka and others can appear from around the corner. Complete all the tasks and get a victory every night. Virtual game mode is additionally available. VR glasses will allow you to move to the location and feel the fear and the presence of creepy creatures next to you.

In Dark Rooms, the player has the ability to resist attackers only by controlling the flashlight. Avoid danger by hiding in the closet. The player can repair the animatronics by replacing some mechanical parts.

Of course, it will not do without unexpected jumps, loud screamers and other creepy elements traditional for FNAF sagas.