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5 Nights at Monster School

5 Nights at Monster School

5 Nights at Monster School is a horror game for those who are ready to demonstrate their resilience and defeat creepy creatures. The game includes screamers, bright flashes of light, and loud sound effects. You should prepare in advance that it will be unpleasant.

How to play 5 Nights at Monster School

The location of the game is a school of monsters, where the player needs to perform the duties of a guard in the night shift. It is after midnight that extraordinary events begin to take place on the territory. The player needs to last for five nights. Every night a message with tasks and hints will appear on the computer.

Already on the first night, the participant must watch the video surveillance cameras. If Chiroborin appears on the screens, you should take a photo. To do this, you need to click on the corresponding icon with the image of the camera.

Wait for the task each subsequent night. Choose the cameras by clicking on the buttons with the corresponding number and find the scary creatures that are trying to catch you. Six cameras are available that show classrooms, corridors, a swimming pool and other locations. The player’s goal is to capture the creepy and dangerous Hiroborin, who wanders through the labyrinths of the school premises.

On the general screen, the player can view messages. As soon as a notification is received, open the message and find new hints or tasks. These can be both texts and photo files of the following creatures that need to be found in the premises of the monster school.

To win, you will have to solve all riddles and puzzles, read messages, answer calls. The main thing is to stay sane and not go crazy from the rhinestones that are waiting for the guard in the dark.