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Noob vs 1000 Freddy’s

Noob vs 1000 Freddy’s

Noob vs 1000 Freddy’s is a game where you will need to skillfully wield weapons, aim and move quickly through locations. Noob will challenge a real rush of animatronics from the famous horror saga FNAF.

How to play Noob vs 1000 Freddy’s game

At the beginning of the game, the participant has the opportunity to choose a card. Pass several levels of the game in each location and open new ones. With each subsequent level, the participant receives more and more difficult tasks.

The goal of the game is to destroy all the animatronics in the location. The number of enemies to eliminate is indicated in the corner of the screen. Keep track of the counter and develop a game strategy.

The player controls a Noob that moves around the area. In the corner of the screen, you can follow the map, which makes it easier to navigate the terrain, and also allows you to detect the location of the enemy. The player needs to climb to the upper floors to find all the enemies and win.

Use weapons to fight. Several firearm options are available to the player. To change the view, just click on the down arrow key. The player moves the character by clicking on the arrows. Use special trampolines to climb the upper structures.

There is a health bar above the enemy. Each successful shot lowers this indicator. The main character’s health level is indicated as a numerical value in the lower corner of the screen.

For each destroyed enemy, the participant receives a monetary reward. Earned funds can be spent in the store on improved weapons. Improved powerful weapons will help you quickly and easily deal with creepy animatronics that attack the player and try to destroy him.