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Friday Night at Treasure Island

Friday Night at Treasure Island

Friday Night at Treasure Island is a horror game for everyone who is ready to test the level of fear and show courage and endurance. Meet familiar characters from the FNAF saga. The main character gets the position of a pizzeria night guard. As night falls, strange things begin to happen in the room, and ghosts try to get to his office.

How to play Friday Night at Treasure Island game

The task of the game is to survive the night indoors and fight off the attackers – creepy animatronics. For this, the player has to solve real puzzles and choose the optimal strategy. An abandoned and deserted pizzeria hides the terrible events of the past. Explore the corridor map, watch out for evil animatronics and defend yourself in your office.

Get hints, use the information on the screen and explore the territory of the pizzeria. Hidden clues will help you survive the confrontation.
Now there are completely different characters in the game. Robot dolls no longer have friendly faces. Their appearance is marred by terror and fear.

Foxy, Chika, Freddy and Bonnie’s eyes glow with an aggressive red light. Movements became decisive and sharp. Always be on guard.

It is important to remember the map of the room in order to quickly navigate the area and hide when the animatronics appear. Conduct surveillance using cameras.

Game Control

Use additional keys to play:
• Space bar to turn off cameras;
• Shift turns off the light in the office;
• Ctrl forces the player to freeze and not move, so as not to give himself away in dangerous moments.

Choose the best option depending on the animatronic that approaches and tries to attack.

You can track the remaining energy charge on the screen. Turn off cameras and lights only when needed to save battery.
Players can expect an eerie atmosphere, terrifying animatronics and extraordinary intrigue.