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Death Run 3D

Death Run 3D

Death Run 3D gives you the opportunity to join an extraordinary race in an extraterrestrial reality. Choose a game mode and enjoy the bright and dizzying color geometry.

How to play Death Run 3D

Enter your player name to record and track your progress and results on the leaderboard. Explore neon tunnels that are ready to surprise you with extraordinary challenges and obstacles.

The game has four available modes. Two of them provide a simpler version of the game: Maesltrom and Superluminal. The other two modes are more dynamic and complex and are called Hyper.

The player controls the game element and has to guide it through all the tunnels and passages. The main task is to avoid obstacles and barriers. As soon as the cube crashes into other geometric shapes, the game stops. The player has to start moving again.
The task is complicated by the fact that some elements are constantly moving. The player must predict the direction of movement in advance and move the piece.

To control the game, use the mouse or arrow keys to move the game element in all directions.

Attention is distracted not only by obstacles and barriers but also by bright tunnels with geometric patterns and neon lights.
The game requires a high level of concentration, reaction speed and perfect fine motor skills. Join the fast race in the neon tunnels.