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Five Days at Freddys

Five Days at Freddys

Five Days at Freddys is a horror game that continues the well-known popular story about a spooky pizzeria. The animatronics have reached the house and closing the door is no longer enough. Open a new version of the game and try to destroy all the animatronics that sneaked into the building.

How to play Five Days at Freddys

The main character is ready to go to sleep, but the crowd of creepy robot dolls does not allow him to close his eyes. For protection, only the parents have a gun. The animatronics try to be the first to shoot and immobilize the hero in order to devour them.

The player does not have the opportunity to see what is happening outside the room. Watch the entrances to the room and get ready to shoot as soon as you see the animatronics. Creepy FNAF dolls are trying to get into the room: Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie, Chikka, Foxy and others.

A list of everyone who will try to enter the room can be seen in the corner of the screen in the form of images. The player has a certain clue in the closet. As soon as the animatronic is near the door, their image will appear in the cabinet and the countdown will begin. The player’s task is to aim the front sight at the target and shoot in time from his father’s gun.

If you manage to destroy the insurance, its image will disappear from the list. The task is complicated by the fact that there are two doors in the room. The player must carefully choose the right door, in which the enemy will potentially appear, or quickly transfer the weapon to the alcove door. There is no time to think. If the participant hesitates, the animatronic shoots him with tranquilizers.

Already in the morning, the newspapers will write about the boy who was found with bites on his head and a weapon in his hands. Hold on until morning and fend off the attacks of all the animatronics on the attacker list.