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Five Nights At Freddy’s 7 (FNAF 7)

Five Nights At Freddy’s 7 (FNAF 7)

Five Nights At Freddy’s 7 is a game that will make you feel goosebumps. Courage and cleverness will help overcome Five Nights at Freddy’s. The vintage pizzeria and its residents are already waiting for their guardian. Discover hidden secrets in the pixel depths of virtual reality.

The game surprises with unusual characters that are unique and terrible, and presented in original new forms. Spooky events take place in the dark Pizzaplex.

Game characters

The player has to face already familiar animatronics. Regardless of the recognizable faces, the participant will have to get acquainted with the new appearance of the robot dolls. The changes also affected their behavior. Now new fears await the player. Creepy and piercing red eyes are complemented by a distorted voice. Stay safe because the twisted metal limbs of the animatronics are already moving in your direction.

Melted Freddy is headed to the security guard’s office, who with all his appearance predicts a terrible death. Glitchtrap is a character known as a digital demon. Due to system failures, the player loses the sense of reality and gets lost in the digital world.

The marionette no longer controls other puppets, but has now become a puppet controlled by the game’s sinister characters. Each of them has hidden qualities.

How to play FNAF 7 game

The participant has the opportunity to choose an animatronic and its powers and characteristics. Watch the robotic creatures through video surveillance cameras. As soon as you suspect that creepy characters are near, close the left or right door, as well as the ventilation. You need to open the ventilation when the oxygen level in the room begins to decrease.

Game control

Use WASD keys to control.

Do not forget to save energy. Because then it will be impossible to observe and close the entrances. The meter on the screen informs about the level of oxygen in the room and the charge level. In addition, there is a clock in the upper corner of the screen that indicates the time.

Resist external horrors and fight internal fears. Mysterious entities are waiting for every FNAF player.