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Free Ice Cream

Free Ice Cream

Free Ice Cream confirms once again that you should be very careful about everything that is free. Play the game and learn about the story of a young girl who received free ice cream from a stranger and was captured by him.

How to play Free Ice Cream

Help the girl get out of the creepy house and not fall into the hands of a crazy kidnapper.

Control the girl and discover new locations. You should carefully consider the location of all objects and things that can help. Click on objects and use them in other rooms. Get items that are higher up by moving furniture and other items.

Perform all actions as accurately and quietly as possible. Any noise will attract the attention of an axe-wielding criminal who will chase the little lady. Avoid clattering and noise. Use pets as helpers and find all the artifacts to get out of the killer’s building.

Text hints will appear on the screen to help you navigate the building and find all the useful things. Turn on the lights in the rooms one by one to open the freezer or use the elevator to go upstairs. Avoid all suspicious things that could be harmful.

As soon as the girl manages to go outside and leave the spooky house, the game ends.

To win, you have to solve riddles and puzzles. Create your own strategy and help the main character get out of the trap.