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FNAF: Night At Foxy’s

FNAF: Night At Foxy’s

FNAF: Night At Foxy’s is a horror game that is sure to appeal to fans of the classic FNAF story. Pass the drinking test at Freddy’s horrible pizzeria.

The player agreed to replace the guard in the night shift. In general, you should survive and not die for five nights. All this time, extremely creepy events will take place in the room.

Animatronic creatures will attack the security guard’s office every night. Defend yourself in all available ways and solve the most difficult puzzles of the game.

How to play FNAF: Night At Foxy’s game

The player’s task is to stay alive and not fall into the clutches of scary animatronics. For this, you should monitor the movements and movements of the game characters on the territory. As soon as strange sounds are heard, watch out for Foxy. The creepy animatronic instantly moves around the area and has a scary hook instead of a paw.

Tips for Surviving FNAF: Night At Foxy’s

Close the door so that the robotic doll does not sneak into the office. Click on the corresponding elements on the right. Arrows help to experience the shift as quickly as possible and speed up time. This option eats up battery power. An image in the form of a blind covers the door. Also, the player can track the time remaining until the end of the shift.

After the first night, the pizzeria chef will bring additional protection. The guard now has a flashlight at his disposal. The beam of light reboots the animatronic and sends it back to its original location.

Each subsequent night becomes more difficult. It is necessary to monitor not only the flashlight, the door, but also the ventilation holes.
Monitor the battery charge level. A closed door, a switched-on flashlight drains the battery as much as possible. Turning on the ventilation also reduces the battery charge. Without electricity, you won’t be able to close the door or turn on the flashlight to protect yourself from the animatronics.