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Five Night Freddy – FNF Mod

Five Night Freddy – FNF Mod

Scary animatronics are back on the screen. Five Night Freddy – FNF Mod is a game in which you will need to demonstrate your musical skills. The goal of the game is to last five nights and get into trouble.

How to play Five Night Freddy – FNF Mod

The player has the opportunity to choose a mode. Listen to the tracks and try to perform the song according to the notes. It is not so easy to get into a rhythm right away.

The hero will meet in a duel with scary and terrifying animatronics on the stage. The main task is to complete the song by clicking on the corresponding notes. Use the arrow keys to control. The elements will be highlighted in different colors to make it easier to find your way around.

In the options section, the participant can adjust the settings and thus make management more convenient. Choose a song from the list and demonstrate your musical abilities. Adjust the level of difficulty and set records. There are three levels available: easy, normal and hard.

Arrows appear on the screen. You need to press the appropriate keys in the correct sequence in order to face the evil character with dignity. If you managed to get into the notes, it will sound.

Game Characters

Depending on the level, choose melodies from the list and try to outplay the animatronic opponent. Opposite the hero stands Baby, or Freddy, or other creepy robot dolls.

At the bottom of the screen there is a runner that moves and demonstrates the superiority of one of the characters in the musical confrontation. Here you can also track the number of successfully played notes, as well as the number of points earned. Each round lasts for a limited time.

You can track the time on the timer at the top of the screen. If too many notes are missed, the game is lost. Try playing the melody again.

Enjoy the music, familiar animatronics and win every battle.