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Five Nights at Huggy

Five Nights at Huggy

Five Nights at Huggy is an interesting game for fans of action horror. Last five consecutive nights in the guard room and win the game.

How to play Five Nights at Huggy game

Huggy-Waggy restaurant is looking for a security guard for night shifts. Submit your candidacy and discover the creepy secrets of the abandoned institution. At midnight, scary creatures begin to come to life and move through labyrinths of corridors and rooms. Their way lies to the guard’s office.

The player’s task is to last five nights and not fall into the clutches of scary animatronic creatures. The story is reminiscent of the well-known FNAF game with robotic dolls.

The player as a security guard is in the office. There are two entrances to the office: left and right doors. They can be closed by clicking on the red button. As soon as the entrance is closed, the button will glow green, confirming the security of the room.

The security guard is equipped with a video surveillance system. The player is able to monitor and analyze the video from the cameras. Click on the corresponding button at the bottom of the screen and watch the movement of creatures along the corridors of the institution.

Save electricity. Using video surveillance cameras and locking doors consumes the maximum battery level. As soon as the charge runs out, the options will not be available. The amount of electricity is shown on the element in the form of a battery.

As soon as you see that the animatronics have approached the door, you should quickly press the close buttons. If it was not possible to close the entrance, a real horror awaits the player. Terrible creatures attack unexpectedly and with a terrible scream. The game provides not only sudden sound effects, but also bright flashes and other effects that are not recommended for children and adults with disorders of the nervous system or other diseases.