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FNAF 6: Salvage Room

FNAF 6: Salvage Room

FNAF 6: Salvage Room is a game for those who want to discover even more the creepy world of animatronics and get to the most secret rooms of Freddy’s pizzeria.

How to play FNAF 6: Salvage Room gameAnimatronics

Testing of animatronics takes place at the end of each working day. In the selection room there will be other creepy creatures: Scraptrap, Lefty, Melted Freddy, Broken Baby.

To neutralize the animatronics, use the shocker. Pay attention to the position of the robot on the table. As soon as minimal changes occur, prepare to fight back. Listen to the heartbeat of the doll. React to sounds instantly, otherwise you can pay with your life.

Electricity is limited, so use the shocker carefully. As soon as the charge is minimal, there will be nothing to fight off the animatronics.

Challenge all robotic creepy creatures and get a reward at the end of the game. Muted light, yellow rays of lamps, barely audible sound of heartbeat will definitely make you demonstrate your resilience and courage.