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Five Nights with Steve

Five Nights with Steve

Five Nights with Steve is an extraordinary game that combines FNAF and Minecraft games. Now there is no need to choose, open the game and go through all the levels.

How to play Five Nights with Steve game

The player’s task is to survive five nights in a scary and creepy restaurant and find a way out. The player works in the institution as a security guard in the night shift. Starting at 12 o’clock at night, the participant is hunted by Steve, who tries to go through all the corridors of the empty restaurant and get into the security room.

To make it to the morning and survive all five nights, use the available defenses. It is important to monitor Steve’s movement and approach. Click on the surveillance video cameras and track the movement of creepy creatures.

The player moves through the premises and tries to avoid Steve, who catches up and follows step by step. Complete the task at each stage, for example, collect a certain number of pizza slices. The counter of collected items can be tracked on the screen.

Move through the corridors and look for an exit from the restaurant. Use electricity sparingly, because no charge means game over. The electricity level decreases as quickly as possible due to the use of surveillance cameras and switched on lights or other options.
Enjoy the spooky events in the restaurant, test your endurance and resistance to screamers, terrible sounds, and creepy creatures.