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Five Days At Freddy’s: Rage At Night!

Five Days At Freddy’s: Rage At Night!

Five Days At Freddy’s: Rage At Night! is a horror game in which the animatronics have reached the bedroom and are preparing to attack the main character. Fight back against the crazy robot dolls and advance to the next level of the game.

How to play Five Days At Freddy’s: Rage At Night!

The player is sitting in his bedroom on the bed. This is where the evil anmatronics are trying to get to. The character is armed with his father’s gun. Don’t let the animatronics hypnotize and bite the protagonist.

Mechanical dolls appear from two sides. The player’s task is to neutralize them in time, which means you need to aim accurately and shoot quickly. The eyes of the animatronics hypnotize the player. Don’t hesitate and pull the trigger. To control, use the mouse to turn in different directions and click the button to shoot.

The image in the wardrobe notifies you when the next doll is approaching. Animatronics can appear from the doors to the right and left, as well as from under the bed in front of the main character.

A countdown appears on the screen until the first uninvited guest appears. As soon as the animatronic manages to shoot its gaze at the protagonist, the game stops. And the morning newspaper appears on the screen with an article about the death of a boy in his room with a gun in his hands.

Get ready for a confrontation with the terrifying creatures from the famous story of Freddy’s Pizza and its pizza pots.